International business

Crossing borders with IP.

Borders across the world are simply lines on a map and not fences or barriers in today’s increasingly open market.

There is big markets beyond the shores of Australia. Our experience comes from working in international markets and is continually refreshed through travel, projects and professional networks.

Marketing and communication occurs at the speed of light through the internet – a new product or innovation showcased in New York, London or Sydney is shown and on-screens instantly around the world.

E-commerce allows business and consumer goods to be ordered and shipped from your desk, your tablet or smart phone. Funds can be transferred from one account to another with a few key strokes.

Licensing your IP to proven operators in international markets can allow more availability to those markets – and income.

Education and product training materials can be created in one country and shared around the world to online to business clients or consumers. And we can check who has watched the materials and for how long.

Business and consumer campaigns for print, television, radio, out of home, social or online marketing can be managed from a simple laptop in a coffee shop for the world.

Logistics for consumer goods is rapid with air and sea freight container availability and shipping lines fully integrated and seamless.

Information Communication Technologies coupled with government legislation and trading has made international business much more accessible to the smallest of businesses.

What is your scope of business – which markets – and when?

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