What type of support do you need?

Legal: Marketing: Sales: Finance: Logistics: Communications?

The first step often needed is to determine whether your idea is in fact original and able to be protected. You may be infringing someone’s idea.

Based on a preliminary workshop meeting we talk through your stage of development and needs. We can bring together experts in the appropriate area – or work with people you may already have on your team – to develop a commercialisation plan.

We are pragmatic in our approach with detail – and visionary in recognising and evaluating potential in the Australian market and internationally. If we have reservations about your idea we voice them and sense check them with market, qualitative and quantitative research if needed.

What is your IP worth? What type of commercial agreements could be put in place – who are your target partners and clients – moving from the idea and developing revenue for you is our business.

What funds do you need to go to market? Are there grants available – are you investor ready – packaging ideas with a business plan helps in securing funding for business development.

How does it all fit together?

Your next step, let’s talk.

If you’ve got an idea that you think can make you money – we can help you in countless ways – as we’ll be happy to demonstrate in person.

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