Our commercialisation process

Our commercialisation process builds on the business plan and identifies what revenue could be generated as a result of your Intellectual Property. We look at ways a particular piece of IP may be developed into a business which generates revenue from a number of sources.

Product innovation could be extended across borders and integrated into other products – who could be the best partners for this – and how to bring the product to multiple markets so it stands out from the crowd and leverages web based communications to industry or consumers.

Creative works could follow a linear path from original work to other forms such as stories to theatrical, to Subscriber TV, Video-On-Demand, toys, apparel or homelines – alternatively through partnerships it may be more practical to develop a multiple category launch over a shorter release window.

A working business model – such as food, 3D printing, health or body care – could transition through franchising operations in multiple markets and into branded products or services carrying the business name.

We look closely at how your IP can grow and develop across borders, categories and partnerships over a period of time so that your financial return is best optimised to your needs.

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